April 21, 2017

Photographers whether they are pros or amateur, young or old, fully equipped or with an iPhone find something of interest at Dungeness on the south coast of Kent. It's otherworldly and a bit cut off and with the monolithic presence of the neulear power station there you could be anywhere. Lining the pebbly beach are a collection of fishermans huts, and houses exposed to the elements and a few fishing trawlers and boats. Go there on a clear day and its spectacular.

April 21, 2017

So i couldn't resist it. I went back to the scrapyard, especially after the chap running it explained that he was shutting up and moving back to Arizona! At the time he lived in a caravan behind some wooden fencing next to the massive sheds that housed all of this stuff so i could see what the appeal was in the sunny U.S over a mobile home in High Wycome. Either way he was getting rid of the lot and said if i wanted to shoot it get it done quick as he could have a seller for it. "It" was the constituent parts of a B17 Mitchel which lay all over the site. Two wings and the fusalage sat above his office on the roof and the rest were on shelves. The U.S produced more of these planes in the war than any other and here was one - in bits -in Wycombe. It was sold off to someone with the money and land to evidently rebuild...

April 21, 2017

About a year or two back Booker Aerodrome had as part of it's residents a scrapyard specialising in aircraft. It was an eye-opening experience when first visiting it (looking for a prop for another shoot), that hidden behind tall metal doors was an Aladdins cave of parts and sections of a variety of aircraft.The big clue though that something like this place even existed was the presence parked on a concrete hard standing at the front of the gates of this Hawker Hunter jet. This pre war jet fighter was the mainstay of the RAF back in the day and here one was, disgorged of its engine and most of its insides and waiting for a buyer or a worse fate. In the end it was the latter. I discovered that it was sold for scrap and was carted off, an ignominious end

but the way of it.    

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